Wheat Pillow

RRP £39
Colour: Biscuit Cloud
New colours for 2023.
The ultimate self-care solution if you're feeling tired or stressed and need some rest and relaxation. The super soft cloud faux fur cover encloses a natural wheat bag which can be warmed in the microwave or on a radiator. Alternatively, freeze the inner wheat bag for 30 minutes to create a cool compress for aching muscles or headaches.

Wheat bags are a natural product. Occasionally add a little bowl of water to the microwave or sprinkle drops of water on to the wheat bag to rehydrate it.

Remove the faux fur cover and place the inner bag only in the microwave or freezer.

Microwave (600W) 30-60 sec
Freezer 30+ min
Or place on a radiator 

Heat inner bag only 

Details: Faux fur cover

Size:  40cm x 20cm

Wheat bag inner lining - cotton calico

Cover composition: 100% polyester faux fur, lustre velvet lining

Wash & Care: Sponge clean or cool machine wash

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