Eye Mask

RRP £33
Colour: Biscuit Cloud

New fabrics for 2023.

The Cloud faux fur eye mask is so soft and light. It will help you doze off without any distractions as it blocks out the light, giving your eyes a lovely restful break. After a long day looking at screens give yourself the opportunity to stop, take a beat and just check in with where you are. This truly luxurious eye mask helps to give you that moment, away from everything else. It is also brilliant if you have different sleep patterns to your partner - you might prefer an early night and won't be disturbed when they come to bed later on.

The covered elastic strap is soft and comfortable to wear and holds the mask in place comfortably. 

Minimum 2 per varient 

Details: Elasticated band covered in satin 33cm

Size:  18.5cm x 7.5cm

Composition: 100% Faux fur Lining lustre velvet polyester

Wash and Care: Sponge clean or cool machine wash

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